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Operation Courage

Words cannot describe what soldiers go through to protect our country and defend our freedoms. At JFAM, we ensure that these heroes who have suffered lifelong injuries due to their service for our country, are given care and comfort throughout their rehabilitation and beyond. We help facilitate these soldiers, whether their wounds are physical, spiritual or psychological.


Additionally, unfortunately, a reality of military service is that some pay the ultimate price in defense of our nation. In addition to current military troops, many of our WW2, Korean, and Vietnam veterans have begun to pass as well.Oftentimes, fallen service members and veterans do not have families or knowledge of how to properly render proper Jewish burial in our time-honored traditions. This is where JFAM’s Operation Courage steps in. By facilitating this final act of Jewish honor, Operation Courage renders the ultimate charity- charity to one that can never be repaid. We certainly owe them this and much more. JFAM is steadfast in its pursuit and advocacy for all fallen Jewish service members. 

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