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Operation Lev Aryeh

In these tumultuous times, reaching out to Israel is not only an expression of solidarity but an urgent call to address a pressing need. Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Israel, a fortress of democracy, faces threats that demand more than just global Jewish unity; it requires immediate support to address the critical shortages faced by its soldiers on the front lines.


Israeli soldiers, valiantly defending their homeland and upholding democratic principles, are facing a shortage of essential materials crucial for their mission. As they stand resilient against the challenges of war, their need for vital resources becomes increasingly apparent. The current state of conflict demands an international response to ensure that these brave men and women have the necessary tools to fight effectively and secure a peaceful future.


Beyond geopolitics, Israel's soldiers embody courage and dedication, they are our frontline guardians of democracy. It is for this reason that freedom loving people the world over must support them now! Supporting Israel now means addressing the tangible needs of its soldiers, ensuring they have the equipment required to prevail in their mission for peace. By standing with Israel and aiding its soldiers, we contribute not only to the defense of shared values but also to the immediate and critical requirements of those risking their lives for a brighter and more secure tomorrow.


JFAM does not rely on other organizations to deliver our contributions, our suppliers and change agents in Israel directly offer our support to the intended recipients. Below are actual items that J-FAM has provided directly into the hands of our Israeli heroes.. and we need much more of the same.

  • Combat shirts, and tactical uniforms to wear under body armor

  • Eye protection with hard cases

  • Fleeces, coats and other cold weather gear

  • Medical gear including: cricothyroidotomy kits, ventilators, thoracotomy needles, aid bags, ultrasound machine, junctional tourniquets, pocket masks, multitools, trauma hooks

  • Funds to pay for service dogs for kidnapped victims and severely permanently disabled soldiers

  • Morale BBQ's for units on break from operation

  • Fire retardant protective wear for soldiers in vehicles 

Image by Levi Meir Clancy
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