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How We Help

Operation Deployed

At JFAM our ultimate goal is to provide support and assistance to the heroes that commit their lives for our freedoms. This is never better expressed than when a military member is deployed. Their entire life is put on hold, as they quite literally, dedicate life for country. Through JFAM, your support allows us to make sure that no soldier is ever alone.

Silhouette of Soldiers

Operation Courage

Words cannot describe what soldiers go through to protect our country and defend our freedoms. At JFAM, we ensure that these heroes who have suffered lifelong injuries due to their service for our country, are given care and comfort throughout their rehabilitation and beyond. We help facilitate these soldiers, whether their wounds are physical, spiritual or psychological.

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Operation Lev Aryeh (Lion Heart)

Israeli soldiers, valiantly defending their homeland and upholding democratic principles, are facing a shortage of essential materials crucial for their mission. As they stand resilient against the challenges of war, their need for vital resources becomes increasingly apparent. The current state of conflict demands an international response to ensure that these brave men and women have the necessary tools to fight effectively and secure a peaceful future.


Operation Hope

Many of our service members have financial struggles that can be absolutely debilitating and weigh quite heavily on their shoulders. This struggle is certainly increased when coupled with the need to focus on their duty to their country. Not only does this apply to the service member themselves, but oftentimes extends to their families as well. While deployed, families certainly bear the burden of their spouses/parents absence. 

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