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Operation Deployed

At JFAM our ultimate goal is to provide support and assistance to the heroes that commit their lives for our freedoms. This is never better expressed than when a military member is deployed. Their entire life is put on hold, as they quite literally, dedicate life for country. Through JFAM, your support allows us to make sure that no soldier is ever alone.

While deployed, our support is wide-ranging and extensive, including 24 hour mentoring and counseling, social gatherings, Kosher meals and Holiday services. These essential services form the backdrop and foundation that all troops require to be able to perform under intense pressure while overseas. Being deployed is difficult and emotional in the extreme, and thanks to your help, we are able to be a rock for our troops when they need it most.

We are at a critical stage in terms of the emergency Kosher essentials packages that we must deliver to over 25,000 US troops. The only Kosher options that exist in the military are designed to hold hunger at bay during a conflict or in a training mission in the field. These are not at all sufficient to provide for the actual needs of a serviceman, be it Soldier, Marine, Airmen or Sailor.

We have done extensive analysis and the need for the military is approximately 3,000 boxes per month to be shipped worldwide. We have key partnerships with different suppliers that have the entire infrastructure ready to go- all that’s needed are the funds to complete the mission. Each box (which is highly subsidized- so that it delivers a great amount of product for the price) is only $75 a month. 

We can complete the goal of 3,000 boxes a month, very quickly, with your support! Many people want to assist and once they are aware of this initiative, they oftentimes jump on board without any hesitation. Your help in spreading this to your friends, colleagues and community is incredibly appreciated and can make a real meaningful difference to our troops worldwide. 


Boxes Donated

Goal 3,000

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